Have a Wall in Your Home You Aren’t Sure What to do With? Get Ideas Here!

Having a well designed home is something that everyone wants. Some spaces are easy to design. Others, not so much. In order to help you decorate that one wall that you have problems with we found this article with ideas for you. We hope it helps!

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From the article:

The Salon-style wall decoration trend, emerged in 1670 from the French Royal Academy of Art and Sculpture, has become extremely famous these days. The decorating style incorporates the arrangement of different types of paintings, pictures and photographs together on an empty wall to transform it from dull and boring to beautiful and dazzling. Here are salon wall d??cor ideas that would make your walls appear more attractive than ever before.

Soothing Solution:
Small size prints like that of landscapes placed together in the form of grid against a soft colored wall like light blue can make the wall appear full and attractive and at the same time makes it appear soothing and relaxing.

DIY Artwork:
For those who are looking for easy to afford decorating ideas, here we are with an exciting wall decoration idea that requires nothing but a few canvases and metal repair tape. You can use the canvases and metal repair tapes together to make awe-inspiring geometric patterns, which would add elegance to any wall. The silver metal greatly complements the wall color and other accessories on the wall.

Headboard Art:
If you are planning to decorate the wall behind your bed, you can place some framed prints inside a square black frame and hang them close to each other, leaving 2-3 inches space between the edges of the frame. This will help you create a high impact wall.

Doubled Wall Art:
By combining two varieties of art forms like shadowboxes and plates, you cab beautifully dress up your wall in a unique way. First, line up shadowboxes with brightly colored paper or fabric and them place matching plates inside the boxes and help them stay in position with the help of a strong adhesive.

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