Looking to Increase the Brain Power of Your Child? Feed Them These Foods!

Egg_coloursEvery parent wants their child to succeed in everything they do. Having more brain power certainly wouldn’t hurt. We found this article from WebMD with 10 different foods that will help your child’s brain. We hope it helps to increase your child’s brain function!

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From the article:

As fast as children whiz from classroom to activity to home and back again, their brains are just as actively and dramatically growing and changing.

“These years are critical for brain development, and what they eat affects focus and cognitive skills,” psychiatrist Drew Ramsey, MD, coauthor of The Happiness Diet, says.

Food is one of many factors that affect a child’s brain development.

The following 10 foods can help kids stay sharp all day long, and affect brain development well into the future.

Eating a high-nutrient protein like eggs (which have nutrients including choline, omega-3s, zinc, and lutein) will help kids concentrate, Beth Saltz, RD, says.

How to Serve It: Fold scrambled eggs into a whole-grain tortilla for a filling breakfast or late-afternoon snack. “The protein-carb combo tides kids over until the next meal with no sugar-induced energy crash,” Saltz says.

Nuts and Seeds
Packed with protein, essential fatty acids, and vitamins and minerals, nuts and seeds may boost mood and keep your nervous system happy.

How to Serve It: Spread sunflower seed butter — rich in folate, vitamin E, and selenium — on a whole-grain cracker or bread. Or make pesto: Nuts combined with olive oil and dark leafy greens make a healthful sauce for whole-grain pasta.

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For all the food options click here: http://www.webmd.com/add-adhd/childhood-adhd/features/brain-foods-kids