Love Lights at Christmastime? Take a Look at These!

Lights are one of the most beautiful sights of Christmas and just because it’s after Christmas doesn’t mean that the beauty can’t continue to the end of the year. We hope you enjoy these lights on a tree house!

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From the article:

???When I was 14 years old, I wrote myself a letter, which I still have,??? says Jeri Wakefield. ???It reads, ???No matter what happens in my life, I pray that I can be the best grandmother possible. I want my grandchildren to have happy memories of their childhood.??????

Jeri and her husband, Steve Wakefield, are now the proud grandparents of Lincoln and Sullivan Scott. Nine years ago the couple built a tree house for their grandsons. What began as a backyard construction project quickly bloomed into a whimsical, multigenerational creation.

The couple celebrates Christmas by decorating the tree house top to bottom in lights; the display is an annual tradition that coincides with their well-attended holiday open house. Tree house architect and family friend James Curvan returns every year to install the lights, a process in which he takes great pride. ???My favorite thing is watching the kids play and experience the tree house at this festive time of year,??? says Curvan. During this year???s Christmas party, the Wakefield grandchildren and scores of other giddy youngsters will ascend the tree house and make some unforgettable holiday memories.

The Houzz team met with Steve, Jeri and James just after they lit up the tree house for the holidays this year.

Tree House at a Glance
Owners: Steve and Jeri Wakefield
Location: Dallas, Texas
Architect: James Curvan
Size: 100 square feet; 2 exterior decks, 2 sleeping lofts and a crow???s nest

Installing the 56 strands of lights is a two-day process for Curvan. That???s a total of 5,600 individual white lights on the house. Curvan also put up miniature green lights to accent specific points of interest, such as the chimney top, peaked window and slide. Holly-shaped forms lined with green and red lights are attached to railing corners and other accent points to add interest.

Curvan says, ???I had to be careful to incorporate various outlet sources, so as not to overload the breaker system.??? He ran extension cords from the nearby guesthouse using four separate 15-amp breakers.

Every corner of the front-facing gable and window is lined with lights to define the architecture. Curvan built the tree house over a nine-year period with help from the Wakefields??? son, Jeremy. A U.S. Marine, Jeremy helped Curvan work on the project between multiple tours in Iraq.

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