Go Green With These Summer Projects

Solar PanelsLike the idea of going green especially in your home? Not sure where to start? Start with these summer projects in order to have a greener home.

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From the article:

Save Water with Every Flush
Why flush away more gallons than you need to do the job? In other countries it???s common for toilets to have two settings ??? one for when less water is needed, and a second for when more water is needed. But with a $100 kit, your toilet also can have two flush options.

An even simpler way to save water is by gently placing a sealed half-gallon container of water in your tank. The container displaces new water, saving a half-gallon per flush. With the average American flushing five times per day, each half-gallon adds up to significant water savings.

Even better: Use the water once before it reaches your toilet tank. Another $100 kit can add a simple sink to the top of your toilet, allowing you to wash your hands with water that then drains into your toilet tank.

Or, if you???re feeling really ambitious, you can install a greywater system to funnel water from the sink and shower drains into the toilet tank and leave plenty left over for the garden. Just remember that you???ll need to switch to all-natural, biodegradable soaps and shampoos as well.

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Read all the ideas here: http://www.greenzionism.org/resources/articles/177