Hints from Heloise – Preventing a Dryer Fire

clogged_ventIn this except of a recent article by the nationally-syndicated column “Hints from Heloise”, she answers a reader’s question about some of the potential (and unknown) dangers of unchecked dryer vents and lint buildup.

From the article:

I recently purchased an ELECTRIC DRYER. Before the deliveryman installed the new one, I vacuumed out the exhaust hose and was surprised to get a lot of lint. I noticed that the dryer did not completely dry the clothes on the setting I chose, so I tried another setting, with success.

I put in another load, and shortly after, I noticed a red light under the check vent option. My husband went outside and took the cap off the dryer vent, stuck his hand inside and pulled out compacted lint.

I truly was amazed, as I always clean the lint filter inside the dryer after each load.

The manual says to clean the exhaust hose every two years, but I recommend once a year to be safe. Since I was careful to clean the lint filter, I didn’t give the exhaust hose a thought. This could have started a fire. — Sue W. in Ohio

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To read the entire article click here: http://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/style/hints-from-heloise-preventing-a-dryer-fire/2013/02/27/a1806e3e-80fe-11e2-8074-b26a871b165a_story.html