Not Sure About the Lighting in Your Remodel or New Home? Get Advice Here!

Knowing how much and what kind of lighting a room needs are hard questions to answer. In order to help you out we’ve found this article. We hope it helps illuminate the lighting needs in your home!

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From the article:

Design experts have provided REALTOR?? Magazine with answers to common lighting questions, which will help you better serve your clients:

Q. How much light does a room need?
A. It depends on a room???s size, color palette, and natural light and the function it serves, says Joseph A. Rey-Barreau, consulting director of education for the American Institute of Architects and associate professor at the University of Kentucky. He says most rooms should have three different layers: ambient or general lighting that gives a room its overall light, task lighting that sheds light on an area so users can perform a function such as reading at a computer, and accent lighting that focuses on a specific architectural detail, like a coffered ceiling.

Q. How do home owners achieve specific effects in each room?
A. They can use a mix of fixtures and lamps, depending on the room???s size and furnishings, as well as the desired brightness and color quality of the lighting, say Rey-Barreau.

Home owner Suzanne Alfieri wanted different lighting than the ceiling high hats and two pendants she had before she and her husband redid their dated 1990s kitchen. John Starck, president and CEO of Showcase Kitchens in Manhasset, N.Y., added new cans with more energy-efficient bulbs that worked better with the room???s different ceiling heights and skylight. He also installed sconces with shades on either side of a 60-inch range to add a soft glow.

Q: What about the type of lamps or bulbs?
A: Due to the need to cut energy use, the federal government has required that certain bulbs be phased out over time, and states have instituted regulations, too. This has led to the increased use of LEDs, which are much more efficient and give off less heat than traditional incandescents. One area where they have helped greatly is in the ceiling, eliminating the ???Swiss-cheese effect??? caused by many cans. Though they used to cost much more than incandescents, prices for LEDs have come down ??? and they don???t have to be replaced as often, which helps in hard-to-reach places such as high ceilings and closets, says Ryan Ramaker, product marketing manager at Acuity Brands. Colors have also been improved to match warmer incandescents, and they work in almost all applications, both outdoors and indoors, says Michael Murphy, interior design and trends producer of Lamps Plus, a lighting retailer.

Another good option is compact fluorescent lamps, which are slightly less efficient than LEDs, yet more efficient than standard incandescents. Incandescents are still useful as halogen incandescents, particularly for table lamps and recessed lamps. Other fluorescent lights are seldom used any more, says Rey-Barreau.

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