Need Storage Solutions That Don’t Cost a Lot of Money? Try These!

Storage solutions can be expensive depending upon how elaborate the storage system is. We found this article with storage solutions that won’t break the bank. Hopefully you’ll find something that will help you meet the storage needs in your home!

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From the article:

Pipe Dream
A length of PVC pipe is a hardware-store staple that can transform your dresser storage. Buy a length of pipe about 2-3 inches in diameter. Select pipe that has thinner walls, which is easier to cut and usually cheaper. Measure the height of your drawers and cut the pipe accordingly. Line a drawer with the pipe pieces and place rolled up stockings, leggings, and scarves inside the pieces.


Jewelry Hangout
Elegantly display necklaces and bracelets on a paper towel holder. Install it on the wall above a dresser or vanity for organization that doubles as a piece of art.

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