Looking for Interior Design Trends of 2014? Start Here!

Design trends change every year. Sometimes it’s because of advances in technology and other times it’s just because personal style changes. Regardless of the reason we found this article with 10 interior design trends of 2014. We hope it helps you decide how to update your home!

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From the article:

A new year means a fresh start, and what better way to kick off 2014 than by updating the look of your home. All it takes are a few simple changes to breathe life into familiar spaces. This year???s interior design trends are all about creating dramatic impact from simplicity, because the looks are simultaneously more bold and more accessible than ever before. We???ve carefully chosen 10 of the most prominent trends for you to try. Not cheesy, not overdone, these trends are sophisticated enough to stick around for a long time to come.

Saturated colors
Leave gray, beige and greige in the rearview mirror in favor of deeply-saturated hues like navy and plum. In fact, navy is considered a new neutral for its ability to blend with other colors and styles. If a darker shade on the wall seems too scary, start with a piece of furniture like a sofa or sectional as your focal point and work from there.

High style at low prices
Haute design trends have never been more affordable, thanks to retail innovations including collaborations with famous designers. Stores like Target have upped the ante by providing affordable trends to the masses while they???re still ???au courant???. Now, even non-designers are totally in the know.

Light-toned wood
For many years, dark tones like mahogany and cherry dominated the wood furniture market. This year caramel and honey tones will take the spotlight. The softer look blends with any design style and keeps furnishings from feeling heavy or fussy.

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Looking for the Top Remodeling and Interior Design Trends for 2014? Look Here!

Looking to make changes to your home this year? Learn what the trends are for this year so you know where to spend you money. This article has important information to get the most out of your money!

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From the article:

The remodelers and interior designers Angie???s List spoke to say in 2014 homeowners are most interested in making strategic improvements to boost functionality, increase efficiency and take advantage of existing space.

Opening up the kitchen
Removing a wall between the kitchen and an adjoining room remains one of the hottest trends in home remodeling. The project appeals to homeowners because it instantly creates more space and dramatically changes the look and feel of the home.

???In almost every kitchen we do, we open a wall between the living room and the kitchen,??? Merrifield says. ???Usually we put an island between them.???

The project was also a top trend of 2013, and remodelers and interior designers say it maintains its popularity for a variety of reasons.

???Having open floor plans helps make smaller homes seem larger,??? says Susan Colvin, owner of highly rated Susan Colvin Interiors in Indianapolis.

Bolman says families see the kitchen not just as a space for cooking, but for eating, schoolwork and socializing as well. ???Just having that flow from room to room seems to be a more appealing kind of concept,??? she says.

Separating the shower and tub
The days when the shower-tub combo reigned supreme are long gone. Home remodelers say the latest trend is to ditch the tub altogether, or to keep it separate from the shower.

???Standup showers are very popular now,??? Merrifield says. ???People aren???t having the tub and shower anymore. They want the shower separate, tiled in with the glass door on it.???

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Looking for Interior Design and Remodeling Trends of 2014? Look No Further!

If you’re going to be remodeling or redesigning your home in the next you might be interested in learning what the trends are and then you can decide if you want to incorporate those elements in your design. We found this article with the top 10 interior design and remodeling trends of 2014. We hope it helps you designing your home with things that will help you live a better life today and improve resell value in the future!

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From the article:

Kicking the Shower to the Curb:
Showers are becoming more popular than tubs. ???Homeowners are looking to embellish the ???shower experience??? rather than the tub experience,??? says Neil Kelly Design Consultant Kathleen Donohue. An increasingly popular feature is the curb-less shower.

From Modern to Modest:
The industrial modern d??cor of 2013 will morph into a more relaxed, more classic and modest look in 2014. While stone, metal, and wood will still be popular, expect a more relaxed feel and rounded designs with earth shades and raw metal finishes.

Multigenerational Living:
Neil Kelly Design Consultant Barbara Murphy is helping clients design bathrooms outfitted with multigenerational features that can accommodate aging parents or boomerang kids. Wall mounted sinks for wheelchairs, walk-in bathtubs, and motion sensing faucets can make the bath a better experience for everyone,??? she says.

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