Looking for the Top Remodeling and Interior Design Trends for 2014? Look Here!

Looking to make changes to your home this year? Learn what the trends are for this year so you know where to spend you money. This article has important information to get the most out of your money!

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From the article:

The remodelers and interior designers Angie???s List spoke to say in 2014 homeowners are most interested in making strategic improvements to boost functionality, increase efficiency and take advantage of existing space.

Opening up the kitchen
Removing a wall between the kitchen and an adjoining room remains one of the hottest trends in home remodeling. The project appeals to homeowners because it instantly creates more space and dramatically changes the look and feel of the home.

???In almost every kitchen we do, we open a wall between the living room and the kitchen,??? Merrifield says. ???Usually we put an island between them.???

The project was also a top trend of 2013, and remodelers and interior designers say it maintains its popularity for a variety of reasons.

???Having open floor plans helps make smaller homes seem larger,??? says Susan Colvin, owner of highly rated Susan Colvin Interiors in Indianapolis.

Bolman says families see the kitchen not just as a space for cooking, but for eating, schoolwork and socializing as well. ???Just having that flow from room to room seems to be a more appealing kind of concept,??? she says.

Separating the shower and tub
The days when the shower-tub combo reigned supreme are long gone. Home remodelers say the latest trend is to ditch the tub altogether, or to keep it separate from the shower.

???Standup showers are very popular now,??? Merrifield says. ???People aren???t having the tub and shower anymore. They want the shower separate, tiled in with the glass door on it.???

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