Love Joanna Gaines? Learn to Decorate Like Her Here!

For those of you that don’t know who Joanna Gaines is she and her husband Chip have a show on HGTV called Fixer Upper. Chip does the actual construction of homes around their hometown of Waco, Texas and Joanna does all of the decorating and design. She has some amazing ideas and if you’ve wanted to design like her then you’ve come to the right place. We hope you enjoy these ten decorating ideas!

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From the article:

Joanna’s style is rustic but modern with farmhouse twists and elements of reused decor. She never fails to amaze all of us and no matter what style the couple on each episode is in search for, Chip works to find the right home and Joanna works to save it. My favorite episode to this day is where they renovated a home for their carpenter, Clint, and his family. Seeing the home they took the couple into – it was seriously hard to believe it could be saved – but Joanna always is able to see past the worst of the worst in a home.

It’s a sad reality to believe that we can’t all move to Waco, buy a really old and destroyed home and have Chip and Joanna do a complete overhaul renovation for not a lot of money at all. But let’s face it – unless this dynamic duo starts traveling the country, the best we’re going to get to Joanna Gaines’ style is to try and decorate like her.

Here’s 10 ways to make your home resemble an elegant farmhouse and answer the burning question: What would Joanna do?

Knock the walls down
In every episode of Fixer Upper, there’s at least two walls that Joanna wants gone! Having a big, opened space that isn’t cramped is how Joanna makes homes look the way they do. Open concept is something that the majority of us want to have in our homes and opening everything up but still maintaining separation between each room is what she strives for and definitely is what makes these homes so beautiful.

Two staples: Shiplap and a Farmhouse sink
What’s a farmhouse without the sink and shiplap EVERYWHERE?! Chip always makes fun of Joanna because of her love for shiplap, but with the way that it can make a space look, who wouldn’t love it? In one of their recent promos, Chip tells Joanna that if she and a french door had a baby, it’d be shiplap! Before I started watching Fixer Upper I had heard of shiplap but never knew what the obsession was or how it was a really great design element. Shiplap is gorgeous and if Joanna can find it, she will use it! Farmhouse sinks are another element to add to your kitchen. These are almost always used on Fixer Upper and they are so pretty and implementing one into your kitchen adds such depth and beauty and is most definitely Joanna approved!

Create a timeless look
Part of how the rooms that Joanna creates comes from how timeless she makes each space feel. Going with simple palettes like black and white tile in a bathroom or white, chic counter tops in the kitchen are ways to make sure that the space never goes out of style – while still managing to look sleek, chic and elegant.

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