Need Some Kitchen Storage Ideas? Find Them Here!

Storage in a kitchen is a basic need. Unfortunately though most kitchens don’t have enough of it. In order to help you we found this article with a different storage ideas and what the cost. We hope it helps you add more storage to your kitchen.

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From the article:

For kitchen remodels a lot of focus goes into what???s seen on the surface, and rightly so. Cabinets, appliances, countertops, paint colors ??? these are the big players that make your kitchen look the way it does. But oftentimes it???s the more subtle gestures that will make your space truly functional and efficient.

Pantry systems, pullout shelving, appliance garages, wall-mounted pegboards and more have long been popular kitchen storage ideas on Houzz, because they can take a gorgeous kitchen to the next level. But you might ask, ???Yeah, but what???s that going to cost me????

With that in mind, here are 13 kitchen solutions to consider for your remodel or new construction ??? and how much they might set you back.

Countertop appliance garage.
If you have enough countertop space, tucking away regularly used small appliances, such as a toaster or blender, in a dedicated space behind closed doors will allow you to keep your counter free of clutter and cords. Kayron Brewer of Studio K B designed this nifty niche to include an outlet and LED lights so all the small appliances can be used right where they are.

Cost: Brewer estimates that this appliance garage ran $1,600 to $1,900, including the cabinetry, LED lighting strip, power and labor. However, she points out that the appliance garage was part of a full cabinet and construction package, so it???s tricky to price it separately.

Pullout spice rack.
Spice containers are usually a messy lot, getting knocked over in pantries and stuffed into wall-mounted racks that don???t easily accommodate different bottle sizes. Organizing them in a pullout spice rack that fits into your cabinetry will keep them in check.

Pullout spice racks are usually 3 to 12 inches wide and can be installed in base cabinets or upper cabinets. Many homeowners opt for two pullout spice racks to flank a cooktop or install them on opposite sides of a hood for symmetry.

Cost: About $200, but varies depending on the manufacturer, material finish and size.

In-counter knife storage.
If you don???t like the look of a freestanding knife block but want to keep knives close at hand, consider an in-counter knife slot. Austin, Texas, woodworker Daniel Vos of DeVos Custom Woodworking says he custom makes these slots in new wood countertops that he also fabricates.

A drop-in knife block is another option. It offers enclosed storage for knives within the confines of the knife block, which is inset into a kitchen counter or island. An existing piece can be retrofitted to include one, or one can be included in a new project, Vos says.

A custom knife block can be made out of any wood, either contrasting or matching the countertop. Slots for the knives are customized to the client???s specifications. (Vos says clients sometimes just send him their knives.) Vos then insets the custom-made block into a slightly smaller hole cut in the countertop, leaving the block overhang resting on the countertop for support. It???s raised ?? to ?? inch above the countertop level. The knife block configuration is also removable for cleaning.

Cost: A knife block and associated labor should run around $350. The cost for a knife slot like the one shown here is a $200 upcharge to the cost of a countertop.

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Interested in Popular Kitchen Storage Ideas? Take a Look at These!

Storage in the kitchen is something there never seems to be enough of. If your home is in desperate need of more kitchen storage but you are interested in what is currently popular then you’ve come to the right place. We hope these ideas help you add some much needed storage to your home!

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From the article:

Many of the most popular kitchen photos of 2015 once again were storage-centric. Some trends from the most popular storage solutions of 2014 and 2013 ??? wine bar cabinets, pullouts and integrated cabinet spice racks, for example ??? still reigned. Meanwhile, smart solutions like handy areas for small appliances, extra counter space that can be tucked away and built-in charging stations continued to evolve, leaving homeowners with more workspace and less clutter. As a bonus, the storage solutions added big style points to these great kitchens.

Pantries with barn doors. These clever doors provide a charming architectural element and prevent swinging ones from intruding into the kitchen or a small pantry. In this example, the hefty door pull and pull plate match the scale of the track hardware, and the paint color contrasts nicely with the kitchen.

Wine cabinets. Wineglass and bottle racks are great and handy space-savers, but they can leave you having to dust everything before a party. By organizing them behind cabinet doors, everything stays neat and clean.

Cabinets that extend to the ceiling. You may not ever make it up there, and if so, trust me, the area between the tops of your upper cabinets and the ceiling is probably the dirtiest, dustiest spot in your home. Extending cabinets all the way to the ceiling is cleaner and offers extra storage space.

These upper-uppers are usually an additional row atop the upper cabinets, which have more pleasing proportions than super tall upper cabinets would. They also provide an opportunity to put glass-fronted cabinets up top for displaying items and a lighter look.

Pullout shelves large enough to stash small appliances. Cleared-off counters free up workspace and present a pleasing uncluttered look. But having to bend down and dig around messy lower cabinets makes storing appliances there not worth the hassle. Solutions like this are starting to overtake appliance garages, a favorite from last year.

As Houzz contributor Sam Ferris pointed out, a system like this where heavy items can be accessible at a back-friendly height is good for an aging-in-place strategy.

Cabinet-mounted spice racks. Also a favorite last year, these organizers allow easy access to your herbs and spices, yet keep them hidden and out of the sunlight. Another popular 2015 storage move seen in this photo is a tucked-away microwave. Designers report that homeowners are opting to put microwaves in pantries, specialty cabinets or drawers.

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