Looking to Make Your Interior Pop? Try These Ideas!

Designing the inside of your home can be challenging. Especially if you aren’t very creative and not sure what to do. In order to help you out we found this article with five different ideas in order to make your interior pop. We hope it helps!

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From the article:

If you have been avoiding adding color to your home???s current d??cor, maybe it???s time to ask yourself, ???Why???? Many times fears reside in the back of our minds. I fear color won???t complement my current d??cor. I fear I will choose the wrong color combinations. I fear I will not love my chosen colors in the future. All these fears leave us sticking to a neutral palette, and although neutrals can be very beautiful and sophisticated, most of us would love to add a little ???spice??? to our life.

Let???s wash away all our fears about using color with these 5 easy to implement tips for making your interior pop.

Choose a Complementary or Analogous Color Scheme
As you start down the road to choosing a color scheme, simplify the process by giving yourself only two options to choose from: complementary or analogous. Pull out your color wheel and let???s get to work.

Complementary color schemes are created by utilizing colors across from each other on the color wheel. Think red and green, blue and yellow, purple and orange. Through these combinations you will create a more formal environment that provides a defined separation of colors.

Analogous color schemes utilize colors next to each other on the color wheel. This time think yellow and green, blue and violet, red and orange to create a more casual setting. These color combinations are seamless evoking rest and relaxation.

Use Black as an Accent
Choose a simple black element to add to any room. Any black accent will work well to clarify and enhance your chosen colors in any space. Get inspired with a black headboard in the bedroom, black paint on an accent wall or even a simple black lampshade.

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Read about all the tips here: http://decorandyouhr.com/blog/bid/197411/5-Tips-to-Make-Your-Interior-Pop