Want to Know the Truth Behind Facts That You Believe That Aren’t? Check Them Out Here!

It can be fun to test our knowledge and correct it when it’s wrong. We found this article with 10 different things that most people believe are facts that are actually not true at all. To learn the truth keep reading and share with friends!

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From the article:

From geography to physiology, there are many examples of people collectively doing it wrong by learning fiction as truth. Here are 10 of the biggest errors walking around masquerading as well-known facts.

Mother Birds Will Abandon Babies if You Touch Them.
Baby birds usually don’t leave the nest until they’re ready (or at least readyish) to fly. But, just like how well you drove during your very first driving lesson, they typically stink at flying at first. So needless to say, they suffer a few false starts and end up on the ground, whining like a teenager who wants the keys but hasn’t completely got the hang of which is the gas and which is the brake.

As for the scent issue ??? birds just don’t smell too well. A few species are an exception, but chances are vastly greater that the little chirping ball of fluff won’t suffer if you need to move it to the other side of the fence from where your dog plays. Plus, its parents have invested way too much time and energy raising it to just scoot off at the first opportunity, no matter how the little guy smells.

Deoxygenated Blood Is Blue.
Once your blood has stopped by the bank (your lungs) and picked up a withdrawal of cash monies (oxygen) it’s flush with greenbacks (bright red blood). Once it’s spent a night on the town (circulated through your body), it returns with a massive hangover (the blood has turned dark red) and it goes to curl up on the couch (take another pass through the heart).

Basically, the veins are blue thanks to a trick of the light, not the color of what’s inside them.

Humans Have Five Senses.
We hear what you’re saying. We see your point of view. We feel your pain. Also, you smell bad and possibly taste funny, the latter of which we don’t intend to test.

But if you believe these are the only five ways you can detect information about your environment or alterations to your person, we’re going to punch you in the face. There. Boom. You will feel it thanks to nociception, the ability to sense pain.

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For all the non-facts click here: http://science.howstuffworks.com/science-vs-myth/everyday-myths/10-false-facts.htm