Looking for Ways to Add More Storage to Your Laundry Room? Get Ideas Here!

The laundry room is one of those rooms that never seem to have enough storage. In order to help you out with that we found this article with 30 different storage ideas. We hope you find some that work for you and your family!

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From the article:

The laundry room is often the most unorganized room in the house. There is after all, so much stuff that has to be piled in there and so many products that you have to store. If your laundry room looks like a disaster area, we have a great collection of 30 ways to organize it.

Not only can you get everything organized, we???ve got great ways to add storage, too. So, if you want to store additional items away and out of sight, you can take advantage of these great storage options.

Your laundry room will be clean and well-organized and your life a bit easier. You know you need to organize that room so why not start with these great DIYs and products that we???ve found to help make that organization just a bit easier.

Some of them can be made with things that you may have lying around the house, which makes them effective and cheap. Let???s get started on organizing the laundry room so that you can save a bit of time when it comes to getting the laundry done and give yourself a little peace of mind while you???re at it.

Rolling Laundry Basket Dresser
This rolling laundry basket dresser is a great way to organize the laundry room and save yourself a bit of time when doing laundry. You can presort your clothes in the baskets and it can easily be rolled from room to room for picking up the family???s laundry. It???s easy to build and perfectly holds three laundry baskets so you have space for three different loads. Plus, when you???re not rolling it around, the top could be used for additional storage. If you need someplace to organize those baskets full of dirty laundry, this is a great choice.

Washer and Dryer Pedestals
If you don???t yet have pedestals under your washer and dryer, now is the time to get them. And, you don???t have to pay a small fortune for them, either. You can actually build them yourself. Pedestals are great for storing all sorts of things in the laundry room. You can either build them with drawers or make it a bite easier on yourself and just leave them open. You can keep baskets of laundry or baskets of cleaning and laundry supplies in the cubbies. These are so easy to make and utilize space that you normally wouldn???t think of which is key in keeping things organized.

Slide Out Storage Tower
This slide out tower is actually made for the kitchen but we think it would be a wonderful addition to the laundry room. If you have a bit of space between the washer and dryer, you can just slide this right in there. It???s wide enough to hold most cleaning supplies and you can even keep your laundry detergent, stain fighters and dryer sheets on it, too. Instead of piling those things sky high on a shelf, stick them away in that little bit of wasted space between your laundry room appliances. It has casters so it will slide in and out easily and just think of the organizing that you can do with it.

Sock Saver
You know those mismatched socks that you have laying on the dryer? The ones that you just can never find the mates to? Instead of losing socks and having to forever look for the proper matches, use these neat little sock savers and never lose those socks again. All you need are mesh lingerie bags, enough so that everyone in the family can have one. When they take off their socks, just have them place them into their own little bag. When the bags are full, you can wash them and the best part is, you can wash the bag as well. You just throw the entire bag into the washer and the socks stay inside. You???ll never spend hours hunting down socks again and you can get rid of that mismatched sock pile in the laundry room.

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