Toddler Bored? Try These Activities!

Finding activities to entertain toddlers can be a challenge since their attention span isn’t the best. In order to help you out we found this article with 25 different ideas to try. We hope that your toddler will enjoy these new activities and that they will help you maintain your sanity!

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From the article:

Keep your toddler busy this summer with a summer bucket list! Here is a round-up of 25 fun activities to keep your little one busy during the hots months of summer. Say no to bored and yes to fun!

Masking Tape Race Track:
Create a masking tape race track for cars. Perfect for those HOT summer days where the heat is just too hot to play outside.

DIY Sprinkler:
With a plastic bottle and a drill, create a DIY sprinkler. Your toddler will love running thru the water, perfect for cooling off.

Air Fort: Make this for the toddlers? I want to do this for me! How fun is this! Using a sheet, packaging tape and a fan make an air fort for your kids.

Water Pinatas: Hang filled water balloons from a play structure and watch as your toddlers pop them.

Outdoor Twister:
Take Twister outdoors. What a great way to teach toddlers their colors as well.

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