Want to be the Best Parent That You Can Be? Checkout These Parenting Pitfalls to Avoid!

Every parent wants to be the best that they can be. As parents we are always bombarded by “advice” that we may or may not ask for but other than trial and error learning from people who have gone through it before is the best advice we can get. We found this article that describes the top ten parenting pitfalls. We hope it helps you become the best parent that you can be!

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From the article:

Parenting is no walk in the park, especially on the days when your little angel, whether he’s 6 or 16, decides to act like a demon.

If it’s the temper tantrum in the toy store over the latest video game, or the daily fight over math homework, or the food fight in a restaurant on Friday night, parents have a choice: To react in a way that will only make matters worse when the bell rings for round two, or respond like the calm, cool, and collected parents we see on TV shows like Nanny 911 — after weeks of live-in, televised therapy.

Experts offer advice on the top 10 parenting pitfalls that will help you raise a well-behaved child — instead of a brat.

The Screaming in the Store
We’ve all seen it: The screaming child in the toy store. He wants the latest video game, and he’s not shutting up until he has it.

Brat-building response: “If you give in, you teach your child that when he acts like a brat he can get what he wants,” says Dan Kindlon, author of Too Much of a Good Thing: Raising Children of Character in an Indulgent Age. “You’re reinforcing his bratty behavior.”

Angel-building response: “There are two ways to approach it,” says Kindlon, who teaches child psychology at Harvard University.

First, plan ahead, and second, plan a response.

“Make a deal with them beforehand — you are going to buy them something and it’s only going to cost $5,” says Kindlon. “Or tell them, ‘I’m going shopping for your cousin and this is not for you.’ Give them structure beforehand so they’re not caught off guard. Then, if they still explode in the store, ignore them, say you are not going to listen anymore. Then you leave the store and take them with you.”

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Read the entire article here: http://www.webmd.com/parenting/features/top-10-parenting-pitfalls