Kids Bugging You For a Treehouse? Get Ideas Here!

Treehouses are so much fun. They can create a lifetime of memories. If you’ve been wanting to build one but want some ideas then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve found this article with 10 different treehouses to give you ideas. We hope it helps!

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From the article:

Whether it???s a playroom that inspires childhood adventure, a cozy bedroom filled with birdsong or a leafy sanctuary perfect for some peaceful meditation, a treehouse speaks to all of us as a place where we can free our imaginations. Here???s a selection of 10 amazing treehouses ??? in backyards in Russia, Germany, Italy, Japan and elsewhere around the world ??? that are giving dreams a place to roost.

Treehouse by Mom and Dad in Sweden
Location: Mj??lby, southern Sweden
Used for: A treetop playhouse for the family???s two children and their friends
Builders: Mom and Dad

There???s nothing wrong with your typical playhouse on the ground, but when the two children in this family got a bit older, they wanted something more exciting: a house in the trees.

Their dad was in complete agreement. He???d always loved building things and dreamed of having a treehouse himself as a child.

Now he and his family have this adorable one, built with parts of an existing playhouse and tucked within the branches of a grand old oak in their garden. The branches were so well spaced, no nails were required to secure the structure to the tree.

Special feature: Mom scoured secondhand stores and markets for pieces that suited the space, painted them white, then brightened the room further with textiles and cushions.

The children love using the treehouse to hang out with friends, especially when it???s raining and Mom sends up a basket of cinnamon buns.

Family Project in the United States
Location: Burlingame, California (about 20 miles south of San Francisco), United States
Used for: A family???s backyard treehouse
Builders: Linda and Doug Studebaker and their three children

The Studebakers??? treehouse, built in a 100-year-old coast live oak, was a family project and bonding experience. ???Thinking back, I found motivation from a combination of just being a good dad and the opportunity to do something creative and highly original,??? Doug says. ???Each of our three kids helped out from time to time, and in this way built up a little sweat equity and pride in the project.???

Special feature: The treehouse is outfitted with a collection of cozy quilts, vintage furniture, warm rugs and whimsical accessories. The tree???s long limbs wind their way through the interior. Doug says it was important to minimize damage to the tree and pay careful attention to its structure while building the house. This meant the design had to allow for the growth of the branches.

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