Love or Hate Winter Enjoy These Simple Pleasures!

Winter is something that either people love or something they just have to get through. Regardless of how you feel these simple pleasure ideas are ones you aren’t going to want to miss out on. We hope you enjoy them!

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From the article:

Stacks of cozy blankets and strands of twinkling lights, apple cake baking in the oven and drinks beside the fire ??? wintertime is made for savoring simple pleasures at home. Whether you prefer trays of treats or hot, aromatic baths, celebrating the season is easy with these 14 ideas.

Extra candles and twinkle lights. Tea lights, votives, hurricane lanterns, Swedish candle chimes and twinkle lights create a warm and welcoming atmosphere indoors when the weather outside is blustery. For something a little different, fill glass candleholders or jars with sprigs of fresh greenery and nestle strands of tiny lights inside.

The scent of something yummy baking. Apple cake, cinnamon rolls, cookies and breads ??? some of the most comforting aromas in the world come from the oven. Don???t bake? Buy ready-to-bake cookie dough or a scone mix, and you can have freshly baked treats (and the wonderful scents wafting from your oven) in minutes.

Neatly stacked firewood and a fresh wreath on the door. Who???s to say you can???t enjoy the simple pleasures of a freshly cut stack of firewood just because you don???t have a fireplace? I say, if you want firewood, go ahead and get some! A stack looks wonderfully cozy beside the front door. And a simple wreath of fresh greenery will look good all season ??? dress it up with a jingling bell or a strand of twinkling lights.

Fireside drinks. A nip of port or a cup of rich hot chocolate sipped by the hearth is a wonderful pastime for a winter night. Bring in cuddly throws to warm your lap, light extra candles and turn off the other lighting to get the complete experience.

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