Exterior Dryer Vent Cleaning

In this video from Jeremy and the team from Dryer Vents Plus, you’ll learn if your dryer vents need to be cleaned out by looking at the outside air vent.

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Transcript of Video:

Hi. This is Jeremy Leake from Dryer Vents Plus and today we???ve moved outside of the laundry room to the exterior exhaust. We want to check the air flow in this vent.

Also we want to take a look at these louvers. These louvers are a notorious place for lint to get caught up in. Think of that lint getting in these little crevices and it’s very tenacious the lint. It can get stuck in there. It’s almost like paper-mache. It builds up and builds up.

Over time if it dries out, it can clamp these little things shut and it could reduce your air flow and that, even though the dryer is working fine, will inhibit the efficiency of the dryer. You can see these are all moving fine and there’s a lot of air moving through there. That’s what you want. But this is an out-of-sight, out-of-mind problem.

So from time to time, you should come outside when the dryer is on and make sure your flaps are opening up. Make sure you have lots of exhaust coming out.

Again this is Jeremy from Dryer Vents Plus, hoping you get more out of your dryer.

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