Prevent Accidental Flooding From Your Washer

In this video from Jeremy and the team from Dryer Vents Plus, you’ll learn how to prevent accidental flooding from your home’s washing machine.

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Transcript of Video:

Hi. I’m Jeremy with Dryer Vents Plus. Today we’re here in the laundry room where I would like to help you get more out of your dryer.

Today we’re going to talk a little bit about washing machines, primarily washing machine hoses. If you have the old rubber hoses in the back of your washing machine, those hoses over time, they get brittle. They can cause a rupture and that would cause a house flood. That’s the leading cause of house flooding.

Part of our service, what we do is change out those rubber hoses with the stainless steel braided hose. The stainless steel braided hose has got a reinforced braid all the way around it to stop that line from rupturing. This is part of our service. It’s something that we can do on a regular basis for you. I would suggest you get this done every four, five years. But it is something that we can take a look at whenever we come out to service your dryer vent.

Again this is Jeremy from Dryer Vents Plus here to help you get more out of your dryer.

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