Want Custom Cabinets? Learn What You Should Know About Working With a Custom Cabinet Maker First!

Custom cabinets are considered the very best cabinets that you can get. They are the most expensive and take longer to complete but in the end you have cabinets designed specifically for your kitchen and space. Before you begin working with a custom cabinet maker there are things you need to know. In order to help you out we found this article for you. We hope it helps you have your dream kitchen!

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From the article:

Been dreaming of custom cabinets for the kitchen or bath, or perhaps a gorgeous built-in entertainment center, home office or fireplace surround? We caught up with four industry pros for expert tips on what to look for in a custom cabinetmaker, plus the lowdown on pricing structure, 3D-rendering technology and more.

Why should homeowners consider going the custom route rather than buy off-the-shelf stock cabinets?

Vince Lisanti, CCS Woodworks, Rock Hill, New York: The two biggest factors for choosing custom are attention to detail in the design phase and having the ability to seamlessly match millwork, trim or furniture pieces with the custom cabinetry. True custom cabinets offer customers the ability to have complete flexibility in their project designs. Special sizing constraints, uncommon wood types or finishes, and complicated design elements are not an issue when choosing a custom cabinet and millwork shop.

Erin Braam and the team at Braam???s Custom Cabinets, Toronto: When you order stock cabinetry, you have to stick to standard cabinet sizing, and the fillers accommodate any unused space. This limits your choices in many ways and creates a lot of unused space that you won???t run into if you go the custom route. Custom guarantees that your designer is always working with a fresh, new perspective and you???re getting something uniquely you.

Q. What can custom cabinetmakers do? Many folks immediately think of kitchens, but I know there is a lot more to it. What other sorts of projects have you worked on?

Berg: We???ve worked on projects ranging from furniture-style bathroom vanities to swinging bookcases that conceal hidden rooms, arts and craft rooms, master closet organization and storage, custom-tailored wine cellars, breakfast nook built-ins, laundry rooms, bookcases, and dining tables and sideboards.

Braam: It???s true that we do mostly kitchens and baths, but we also do entertainment and wall units, fireplace surrounds, wall and ceiling paneling, furniture, home offices, closets, bars and beverage centers, pantries, laundry rooms and mudrooms, to name a few.

Q. What should potential clients know before hiring a custom cabinetmaker?

Lisanti: As when hiring any professional to work in your home, do your homework. When you meet with the owner or salesperson of the custom cabinet shop, try to get a feel for his or her passion about their craft and ability to provide you with what you are looking for. Also try to set up visits to some of their recent projects. From my experience, most past clients who are pleased about the way their projects turned out are usually more than willing to allow potential clients in to see it and offer up a great referral.

Berg: Potential clients should find a cabinetmaker who enjoys the process of designing and building cabinetry. Look for a cabinetmaker who asks questions up front about how you plan to use your kitchen, responds to your concerns with solutions and explains those options clearly. You???re paying for more than superior materials and hardware, but also for better service.

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